“Wokaona Nyanja anakaona ndi Mvuwu yomwe” this is a Chichewa adage which literary translates “Your one visit to the lake may give you also an opportunity to see a hippo” but the meaning is culturally different. In Malawi, hippo is commonly known as Mvuwu or Bokho. A hippo is the largest aquatic and terrestrial mammal. We also have largest aquatic and terrestrial reptile – Crocodile locally called Ng’ona and several species of birds especially fish eaters and divers. These and several other animals form beach safaris in Malawi.

Majete Game Reserve in the Lower Shire River is the only spectacular and all-inclusive wildlife reserve in Southern Africa with Black Rhinos. Other common bush safaris in Malawi includes; elephants, lions, hyenas, antelopes, baboons and both blue and velvet monkeys particularly in Nkhotakota, Vwaza and Nyika Wildlife reserves in the central and northern Malawi respectively. Ultimate Travel may take you to various view points of Malawi safaris including Kasungu and Liwonde National Parks.


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