Malawi and Zambia are geographically neighbors and have unique safaris; hence, share safaris experience. The migration of animals and birds in between the two countries provides a rare scenario of what you see when you visit both of these countries.

Malawi Beach and Bush Safaris

“Wokaona Nyanja anakaona ndi Mvuwu yomwe” this is a Chichewa adage which literary translates “Your one visit to the lake may give you also an opportunity to see a hippo” but the meaning is culturally different. In Malawi, hippo is commonly known as Mvuwu or Bokho. A hippo is the largest aquatic and terrestrial mammal. Read More


Zambia has few aquatic beach safaris compared to Malawi. However, it provides wonderful bird and other bush safaris to visitors. One beautiful bird sanctuary is along the road to Mongu, west of Lusaka. Luangwa Wildlife Reserve is one of the largest animal reserves in Africa stretched from north eastern to the Luangwa-Zambezi confluence in the south eastern Zambia. Read More

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