Book International and domestic flights with us to get comfortable short and long haul flights, various direct and connecting flight options, and international flights which best suit your needs. Connectivity to an array of destinations across the world. The international travel experience starts right at the flight booking with Ultimate Travel Malawi.


Malawi has two international airports; Kamuzu and Chileka. The main airlines landing and flying off these airports are Malawian, South African, Kenyan and Ethiopian Airways. They fly every day Monday to Friday, and on Sundays. For the flying schedule please consult our Professional Travel Consultants in case there are changes on the numbers shown above. They fly to various destinations including main connection airports in Africa; OR Tambo, Nairobi and Addis Ababa commonly known as (Addis). We provide free consultancy services especially to our regular customers. Are you? Malawian airlines provide overwhelming opulent flying experience when you fly B-class. You are assured of ample room for your leg relaxing and superior flying experience and tasty meals you will live to remember on your trip.



We are a professional and experienced Travel Company in Africa and beyond for charter planes. We provide services for individuals or companies wishing such services at competitive rates as we negotiate with plane owners on customers’ behalf. We facilitate the plane identification, quality of services provided and communication with customers.


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